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Welcome to AAT Solutions

Are you looking for expert guidance in navigating the world of assistive technology? With over a decade of hands-on experience in the field, we bring a unique blend of technical expertise and personal insight to empower individuals with disabilities.

At AAT Solutions, we offer more than just technical knowledge—we offer lived experience. As a seasoned professional, we’ve walked the path of discovery, troubleshooting, and breakthroughs firsthand.

Our story

AAT Solutions was founded by Aj Ahmed.

Aj began his journey in the technology industry in 2010 at an assistive technology company. Initially, he started in a testing capacity, evaluating software and hardware to ensure they met quality standards and accessibility requirements. A friend who worked there told him about an opportunity to do ad-hoc testing, which was supposed to be for just one day. However, he found himself drawn to the work and the company culture, leading him to stay for a remarkable 11 years.

His interest in technology dates back to his early years where, despite facing challenges due to his visual impairment, he was deeply fascinated by how things work. He would often disassemble and tinker with electronics like TVs, driven by a desire to enhance their functionality.

One notable project involved dismantling a television set with the aim of wiring extra speakers to create a surround sound environment. At the time this was unheard of, showcasing his ingenuity and problem-solving skills.

However, his full engagement with technology was limited until the advent of speech technology, which made computers accessible to people with visual impairments. As this technology became more mainstream, he eagerly embraced it, recognising the immense potential it offered. He spent countless hours testing software, breaking things to understand their inner workings, and then fixing them—an iterative process that fuelled his passion and deepened his understanding of technology.

Over the years, he transitioned into a technical support role within the company, providing assistance to customers and eventually taking on head trainer responsibilities. Through dedication and performance, he contributed to the development and success of the team, leveraging both his technical expertise and his personal interest in technology.

At AAT Solutions, we’re all about making technology work for you! Our founder, Aj, has a real passion for showing how cool and life-changing assistive technology can be. We’re here to help you feel excited and inspired about what tech can do for you. With our easy-to-use solutions and helpful learning programs, we’re all about making technology accessible to everyone. Come join us on this awesome journey to a more inclusive and tech-savvy future!

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