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Your Path to Possibility:
Empowerment Through Accessible Solutions 

We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions to enhance accessibility and inclusion in various settings, from workplaces to homes and educational institutions. 

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Personalised Assistive Technology Training

Our personalised training caters to your individual needs, empowering you to navigate the digital world with confidence.  Receive tailored one-on-one or group sessions covering a wide range of assistive technologies, including screen readers, magnification software, speech recognition tools, and much more! 
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Accessibility Awareness Training & Talks

Empower your team or students with the knowledge and skills to understand the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities with “The Blind Truth” talks. Our customised workshops, talks, and activities, tailored for schools and businesses, promote accessibility awareness and empower you to create inclusive environments
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Smart Home Setup & Product Recommendations

We offer personalised services for integrating smart technologies, from lighting to voice assistants, to enhance comfort, convenience, and security.  Receive recommendations for a variety of useful assistive technology products and resources based on your individual needs. Our goal is to empower you to make informed choices that improve accessibility in your everyday life. 

Arrange Your Free Assistive Technology Phone Consultation 

At AAT Solutions, we understand that every situation is unique, just like every individual. That’s why we offer complimentary phone consultations to understand your needs better and determine how we can assist you.

During our call, we’ll explore your skill level, experience, preferred apps, job role, tasks, and specific use cases. This information allows us to create a personalised assistive technology plan tailored to your unique requirements, whether it’s for education, leisure, or work.

Step 1 - Free Phone Consultation, Step 2 - Commence Training Sessions, Step 3 - Flourish Life Independently

Benefit from Access to Support 

Additionally, benefit from two weeks of complimentary technical support. Whether something isn’t working as expected or you’re unsure of what to do, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Contact us today for a personalised quote based on your specific needs and objectives.  

Why Choose Us? 

From Obstacles to Opportunities:
A Message to Never Give Up! 

Personalised Solutions

Tailored technology and training designed to meet your unique accessibility needs. 

Expert Guidance

Benefit from Aj's firsthand experience and expertise as a Paralympian and advocate for assistive technology. 

Cutting-edge Technology

Access to the latest assistive technologies and smart home solutions to enhance independence and accessibility. 

Comprehensive Services

From assistive technology training to website accessibility testing, we offer a wide range of customised services to address diverse needs. 

Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support and guidance to help you navigate life's challenges and achieve your aspirations. 

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